Air Work

Air Work

General Aviation

Pterodactyl Helicopters specialises in a variety of helicopter aerial work services in and around Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Pterodactyl helicopters has worked with many of the major residential and commercial real estate agencies in and around South East Queensland, over the years we have provided high quality images for the sale of numerous residential and commercial properties. All properties have different qualities, and require individual consideration when it comes to their marketing and promotion. Pterodactyl Helicopters puts all their effort into providing the ideal images for your campaign. Because in the end, your success is our success!

A helicopter provides the most flexible and stable platform available for getting amazing aerial imagery. With our ability to mobilise rapidly, operate in controlled airspace, hover, fly backwards, sideways and at very low or high speeds it allows us the flexibility to position you perfectly to achieve the exact shot you require.

Working together with our professional photography partners, we guarantee the highest quality results. Pterodactyl Helicopters takes photography and video services to new heights by making aerial photography inspiring yet affordable.

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Aerial Filming and Aerial Photography

When it’s your mission to educate, promote, entertain, inspire, we’re here to take your video production to new heights. Pterodactyl is the connection between planning and compelling on screen content. Our pilots are experienced with the demanding requirements of aerial photography, such considerations such as the right altitude, speed, sun direction and positioning, are notions understood by our Pilots.

To ensure rapid response in developing situations, our aircraft can depart from our convenient South East Queensland locations, and our helicopters are equipped with removable doors to allow for uninterrupted visibility of the subject.

If you’re a novice when it comes to utilising a helicopter for aerial video productions or aerial photography, just ask! We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes reality.

We offer the following options for photographers:

  • Doors-off flight. We can remove one or more doors during flight to offer a glare-free view of the subject.
  • Cameras and Equipment. We require that all cameras be securely attached to the photographer at all times and that no loose or unsecured equipment is inside the helicopter at any time.
  • Up close and personal. Depending on aircraft load and environmental conditions, our pilot can get within 15 meters of a subject on the ground or in the water for close-up shots.
  • Hovering operations. Depending upon total aircraft weight with passengers and environmental conditions such as temperature and altitude, our pilot can bring the aircraft into a full stop hover to offer a still platform for work.
  • High-speed operations. Our aircraft can cruise at airspeeds of up to 110 knots (200km/h). That means we can get on point quickly, saving time and money.
  • Bell Jet Ranger – With all doors removed we can operate up to 87 knots and with only the front doors removed our airspeeds are reduced to 69 knots.
  • Robinson R44 – With any or all doors removed we can operate up to 100 knots.
  • Robinson R22 – With any or all doors removed we can operate up to 102 knots.
  • Bell 47 – With any or all doors removed we can operate up to 91 knots

Helicopter Site Inspections

Often companies in real estate and property development, require site inspections to be carried out with their staff or clients. Helicopters can carry out site inspections quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity. Helicopters are able to land at any site which is considered safe and the landowner’s permission is granted.

These jobs are quoted on a case by case basis and are costed based on flight time from our nearest base.

Helicopter Aerial Survey’s

Pterodactyl Helicopters has undertaken a diverse range of aerial survey tasks, in support of a large number of different industry sectors.

From vegetation, pipe line inspections, fire spotting to aerial imagery capture we can supply a professional turn key solution to meet your requirements.

  • Project Site Visits and Progression Assessments
  • Aerial Photo Acquisition
  • Sample Collection
  • Powerline survey
  • Pipeline survey
  • Asset maintenance inspections
  • Vegetation survey
  • Land and property survey
  • Natural disaster and emergency response reconnaissance
  • Feral animal, wildlife and stock counting
  • Fire reconnaissance and hot spot identification

Our experienced staff will assist you with any enquiry – call us on 07 3201 0005, or send us an online enquiry for a quote.