Remote Aerial Imagery – UAV’s

Remote Aerial Imagery – UAV’s

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones as the are commonly known are making great headway into the commercial aviation space. In order to provide a full service to our clients we have partnered with Remote Aerial Imagery Pty Ltd to provide this service. This company is run by one of our line pilots and now allows us to cover a wider spectrum of aerial services under the Pterodactyl Helicopters Umbrella.

Remote Aerial Imagery Pty Ltd (RAI) aim to deliver innovative solutions for all your aerial imagery requirements from aerial survey and mapping, asset inspections, research and environmental monitoring, through to aerial cinematography and photography.
RAI bring to you the safest and most economical approach to carrying out inspections of hazardous and difficult to access locations, as well as the capability to produce a variety of GIS mediums including orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs, point clouds and of course high end aerial cinematography and photography.

RAI utilises the latest technology and equipment providing a superior service for all your imagery requirements. The team keeps abreast of the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, and pushes the boundaries with new applications. The possibilities are endless.


RAI’s focus is to provide customer service excellence and high quality data. By offering an alternative to costly traditional aerial imagery methods with more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly options, RAI can help you reduce your carbon footprint, costs and overall risks associated with a wide range of activities and operations.

Phone: 0429 200 693